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Pre-Twinkle Program

Learning to play an instrument can be an extremely beneficial part of early childhood education. Research has shown that there is an optimal "window of opportunity" for the development of musical ability- the sooner a child is exposed to different kinds of music and instruments, the better! Our youngest "pre-twinklers" are encouraged in all sorts of musical experiences- from singing and rhythm play to the exploration of their very own violins. Our littlest fiddlers come for lessons that feel more like play, all the while building a strong musical foundation for the future.

 Private Lessons  

Plimoth Violins offers violin and viola lessons for all levels- from beginner to advanced. Your progressive lessons program will be designed to help you reach your own musical goals, whatever they may be, and will provide you with the technical and artistic tools you need to develop musically. We offer lessons in both classical and traditional styles. 

  Summer Program  

The Summer Lessons Program at Plimoth Violins is specifically designed for school-aged students who wish to maintain and develop their craft during the summer months. Although the summer is often a time away from school ensembles and other traditional programs, it is also a great opportunity to grow musically and to explore new skills that can help take student players to the next level.

Music Theory & Sight Reading, Traditional Fiddle Styles, Technical Skill Building & Practice, and Preparing for Performance are some of the possible workshops offered. Workshops will be contingent on student participation.

A message from our teacher:

"I have been an educator for more than a decade, and a performer for the better part of my life.  I began my study of the violin at the age of 4, and spent my formative years training at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School, and at Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts. I'm a graduate of Oberlin College, where I studied Violin Performance at the world-renowned Conservatory of Music. 

As a musician and teacher, I have experienced first-hand the profound impact an exposure to music can have on the development of children. I've also seen the pleasure and satisfaction it brings to adult learners. I am dedicated to bringing music to the lives of all people, regardless of their ages, learning styles or experience levels. It is my goal to share the joy of learning with my students, and to bring music into their lives in a meaningful way."

Angelica Vendetti